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Global Garage Door Service Seattle, WA 206-237-0218Sometimes our Seattle clients opt for specialty doors, either for function or expression, Global Garage Door Service is happy to provide them. These are doors that are outside our normally stock and custom designs and require specialized installation and fabrication. Although we do have a generous selection of specialty doors, we understand our clients may need something beyond our stock and we are always ready and willing to provide them. We are also able to service specialty doors, even if we didn't originally install them.

Insulated Doors

If you live in an area where there is extreme heat or cold, then you probably have a heated garage. Conversely, in the summer your garage will then be cooled. But this added expense is of no use if your garage doors aren't insulated. Global Garage Door Service proudly offers insulated doors to all our clients as they pay for themselves over time by lowering your energy bill. If your garage temperature is maintained at the same temperature as your home, these doors dramatically lower your bill and keep your garage temperature consistent.

Fire Doors

Fire doors add an extra layer of protection from fire and may even qualify the homeowner of business for a special insurance discount. As the garage is one of the most prone areas to experience fire, a fire door helps prevent the spread of fire. Global Garage Door Service highly recommends this, especially for our commercial clients. These doors can provide up to 20 minutes of protection, which may be just what you need to get your family safely out of the house. So effective are these doors they are often required on municipal buildings.

Traffic Doors (High Speed Doors)

Areas that experience high traffic, such as parking garages, need high speed doors to prevent cars from becoming congested. High speed doors are designed to open often and at a higher rate of speed than traditional doors and provide the perfect solution. Global Garage Door Service offers traffic optimized doors in both economy and premium designs.