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Global Garage Door Service Seattle, WA 206-237-0218A disabled garage door is bothersome for homeowners and disastrous for businesses. You need your garage doors to function properly to keep your business flowing and home safe and secure. Losing access to your vehicles, tools and other equipment stored in the garage is frustrating and can lead to other issues for your home or business. Your broken doors can also become a security issue as they create a vulnerable place in your home or business, a weakness that thieves can exploit and use to gain entry. Additionally, having your garage door off track or broken allows rain and snow into your garage, possibly damaging your possessions or even worse, ruining them entirely. It's fairly common for garage door springs to wear. Once your garage door parts begin to wear out it, worn parts can cause a domino effect and soon you can find your door completely off the tracks. Vandalism and break-ins are also a common cause of garage door damage. These issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently by the professional team members of Global Garage Door Service. Because our focus is on garage door installation, repair and emergency services in Seattle, we are prepared to answer our client's calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We employ an expertly trained team of garage door sales and service reps to help our customers select the right product among our vast array of garage doors. Once the product has been chosen, our team keeps our clients informed about what is occurring during every step of the process. Our complete array of garage door products and services allows us to answer any question our client's may have and make us your one stop shop for all your garage door needs.

Garage Door Access Issues

Funny how something as small as a key can create such huge problems when lost, broken or stolen. And so it goes with locks on garage doors. When they function properly, they are fantastic, keeping your vehicles, tools and toys safe. But when they don't, they can create immense issues. When you are dealing with garage door issues at your business, it is critical to get them operational as soon as possible. Thankfully our garage door professionals are available 24/7 to help you, often able to arrive within the hour.

When you find yourself dealing with garage door lockout issues, Global Garage Door Service is the one to call. Whether your lock is jammed, has a key broken in it or is falling apart, our service professionals will arrive expediently and get your lock working again in no time. Our service tech will arrive in one of our service vehicles fully equipped to either repair or replace your lock and get you back on track.

On Demand Repairs with Global Garage Door Service

When you are in need of garage door services, you know you can trust the professionals at Global Garage Door Service to stock everything needed to address your problem and to have expert technicians on hand to help. You can depend on our service professional to arrive quickly, usually within the hour, and to be driving one of our service vehicles which are fully equipped to deliver any of the services we offer. Each of our service providers are rigorously trained and are held to the highest standards so you can be assured the service receive is the absolute best.

Our pledge to keep our products and services up to our stringent standards ensures Global Garage Door Service will adhere to these standards, giving each of our clients’ peace of mind. Our clients know that our service professionals are able to handle the most difficult repair, installation or customization service call, along with all the standard maintenance garage doors need. Not only will your technician go over what needs to be done, but will also offer advice on keeping your garage doors in top operating condition. Call Global Garage Door Service today for our on demand garage door services in Seattle.